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Garden Grove Lock & Key Garden Grove, CA 714-782-9103If you own a massive business enterprise, then chances are, the people working in your premises at present are not the same ones you started off with. Employees come and go, some at their own will, whereas some are forced to resign for various reasons. How many times have you rekeyed the locks in your property after firing an employee? Probably, innumerable times! Do you know that there’s one way you can avoid paying a locksmith every time for the same? Read on:

Keyless locks are the future:

Keys, once highly important components, are slowly losing their sheen with the onset of keyless systems. With the rising instances of keys being copied to gain unauthorized access, going keyless brings in tremendous benefits. You don’t have to carry keys, there’s no need to rekey the locks, the upkeep required is minimal, the versatility it offers is endless and it also adds a layer of security to your property.

We recommend: Combination locks

Combination locks are a popular keyless option and have been around for quite some time now but their full potential is yet to be unearthed by business owners. These locks are opened up by entering a sequence of numbers or symbols – only the right sequence allows access.


  • Allows controlled access:
    Sturdy, built to last, easy to configure – these locks can be used to restrict access within the premises. For instance, if you require only a specific set of people to gain access into a zone, the sequence to the combination lock is shared to those people alone.
  • Easy reconfiguration
    In case, you suspect that the code has been compromised or if you’ve fired someone and want to change the code, you can do it yourself. Each combination lock comes with specific manufacturer instructions that detail the procedure involved in resetting it with a new code, without requiring a technician’s help.

Installation and unlocking service

We’ve teamed up with the best manufacturers to bring you a wide range of quality combination locks. If you’re looking for suggestions on the best locks, we’ll guide you and also install the right ones in your property. In case, you’ve forgotten the sequence and need to gain access into your property right away, our experts can employ the most intuitive and damage-free solutions for the same. We can also reconfigure the lock so that it answers to a new code. Our solutions are available 24/7 in Garden Grove, CA area. Reach out to Garden Grove Lock & Key by dialing 714-782-9103 today!